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My name is Arianne and I am an Osteopathic Manual Therapist. Everything I do is grounded in science and seeks to find the root cause of your health concerns. I am passionate about natural alternatives to health care and I would love to share this passion with you!

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a manual therapy that treats the body's structure in order to affect its function.


Osteopathic philosophy states that the body is a vital, living machine, which already possesses everything it needs to self-heal.


When the body's structure is good, meaning that the parts are lined up and everything is where it should be, this self-healing ability happens naturally. However, if there's an issue with the body’s physical structure, such as a stooped posture or abnormal twists and turns through the spine, self-healing becomes extremely difficult. This is because the proper blood supply, nerve supply, venous drainage, and lymphatic drainage are being obstructed due to abnormal body structure.

An asymmetry, as indicated by the dotted line, will create abnormal strain on the soft tissues. This will have an effect on the blood supply and drainage, as indicated by the red and blue arrows. 

Poor body structure can be caused by things like poor posture, injuries, repetitive strain, or poor diet and lifestyle.

An Osteopathic Manual Therapist will use a variety of manual techniques in order to adjust the body and restore its natural self-healing abilities. An osteopathic treatment addresses all tissues in the body, including bones, muscles, joints, fascia, ligaments, tendons, nerves, blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and organs.


Osteopathy searches for the root cause of a problem. This cause is going to be different from person to person, which means the treatment will differ from person to person. 


Treatments will also be different every time for one particular person. This is because the body's structure changes after every treatment, which guides the osteopathic practitioner's hand down a different path every time.

Osteopathy is great for the following things:

  • back pain or other body aches and pains 

  • digestive issues and IBS

  • poor circulation

  • headaches

  • sciatic pain

  • eczema and other skin irritations 

  • sinus congestion

  • concussions

  • frozen shoulder 

  • TMJ 

And so much more!

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