What is Osteopathy ?


Osteopathy is a manual therapy that encompasses the healing power of nature. Its philosophy states that the body is a vital, living machine, which already possesses everything it needs to self-heal. When the body is structurally sound, this ability is present and occurring without conscious thought. However, this self-healing ability is hindered when the body’s physical structure becomes impaired. This can be caused by things like poor posture, injuries, repetitive strain, or poor diet and lifestyle. An Osteopathic Manual Therapist will use a variety of manual techniques in order to adjust the body and restore its natural self-healing abilities.


Osteopathy is great for the following things: 

  • back pain or other body aches and pains 

  • digestive issues and IBS

  • poor circulation 

  • headaches

  • sciatic pain

  • eczema and other skin irritations 

  • sinus congestion 

  • concussions

  • frozen shoulder 

  • TMJ 

And so much more!